Thank you, League of Women Voters for hosting the Candidate Forum.  It was such an amazing event and extremely informative!

I had my turn to address the attendees after the Commissioner and Auditor candidates.  My opponent had an unforeseen conflict and couldn’t attend so I was only able to give a written statement. 

Please visit this link to watch the video.  Enjoy!


meet Jackie At her family day event!
September 16, 2018, 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Come join a free fun family event full of activities at Memorial Park! Food will be available for purchase. For question’s or updated information follow Jackie on her Facebook page at @jackielopezgiddens or by email at [email protected].

A Letter to franklin county voters

Dear Franklin County Residents,

I wish to share this letter with you, in hopes it will help you make an informed voting decision.

In 2012, I was serving my sixth year as Benton County’s Chief Deputy Clerk. I was going through a divorce and didn’t understand a section in the divorce documents that referred to a “Summary Judgement.” One day, while at work, I showed the documents in question to a fellow court employee, who was knowledgeable in these matters, asked for clarification on this legal term, and received an answer.

I shouldn’t have asked this question. It was wrong to do so. When I was questioned about it later, I immediately acknowledged that I had asked.

Since this question would have cost a county resident $25 to come in and ask, I voluntarily paid the $25 fee. I also wrote a letter, apologizing for the incident, and requested a voluntary demotion. My request was honored.

The resulting job transition led to tension and uncertainty among the office staff. Since I wasn’t allowed to explain the situation to coworkers, they had to rely on rumors and speculation as to why I was no longer the Chief Deputy Clerk and their Supervisor. Between the suffering work environment and a drastic pay cut, I had to make a hard decision. So, after 16 years of service, I decided it was best to leave Benton County.

I’ve written this letter out of respect for you because it’s important that you know why I left my career with Benton County.  You deserve to know that I made a mistake, learned a valuable lesson, and used it as a learning opportunity to grow both professionally and personally. 

I am running for Franklin County Clerk because I am confident that I have the skills, values, and ethics that are necessary to succeed in this position.  My desire to serve the community is stronger than ever.

Do you have something in your life that you have a fire and passion for? For me, it’s our court system and the intricate relationships that must stay intact to make it an effective tool for all citizens. The County Clerk is, in many ways, the bond that holds these critical relationships intact.

I am asking for your vote as your next Franklin County Clerk because, like you, I value honesty, integrity, communication, and accountability.  I promise to abide by these core values while giving you maximum effort, efficiency, and transparency. I promise to serve you.

In closing, I want each of you to know that if any Franklin County resident wishes to review my employee file from Benton County, I will be happy to share it with you. Please email me at [email protected]

It’s your county. It’s your money. It’s your court system.


Jackie Lopez Giddens

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