Lawsuit Against the Current Clerk

I am 100% in favor of going to paperless files, but in a collaborative, responsible way. Our research into the background of this lawsuit has brought me to the conclusion that it was completely avoidable. Our Superior Court judges have made it clear they support going paperless.  However, they want to make sure the proper workflows are in place to give you the service and protections you deserve.

While there is much discussion in the media about the standoff between the seven judges and the clerk, we should also be paying attention to how the current employees in the clerk’s office have been affected by this unprecedented circumstance. If we’re not careful, this situation could result in a suffering workplace environment. This is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.

As your next clerk, I promise to work with the judges to achieve a paperless system with workflows that maintain the standards they are seeking, while also achieving the level of service and protections you deserve.

Fraud Investigation

It is unacceptable that a customer had to inform the current clerk that his department was missing payments 3 months after the fact. It’s even more concerning that an investigation into this issue found that the clerk wasn’t aware that more of your money had gone missing 6 months prior to the first incident. That is two months within a seven-month window where reconciliation of your revenues was not achieved. One employee has lost their job over these findings in a very public fashion, yet no one can prove whether the money was lost or stolen.

As your next clerk, I will make it a priority to set procedures in place to avoid such catastrophes from happening. It’s Your money!

High Employee Turnover in the Clerk's office

Since 2016, 14 Full-Time employees have left the clerk’s office for one reason or another. That is extremely high turnover for a department that typically employs 14 full-time people. The current clerk explained at a Republican Central Committee meeting in June that many long-time employees had left for more money. However, records indicate that 9 of the 14 employees that left were with the department for less than two years.  Another two employees had worked for the department less than 5 years. I believe there are other factors that are affecting an employee’s decision to leave this office. My current concern is how the employees in the Franklin County Clerk’s office are being affected by the lawsuit.

As your next clerk, I will spend time getting an understanding of what motivates each of your employees, and I’ll work with them to achieve a mutually-beneficial, professional atmosphere. I’ll make sure your employees are fully trained in all areas and they feel comfortable and confident in the Odyssey program.

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